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The Kill 'Em With Kindness Comedy Tour

Shawn Shelnutt and Jamie Campbell are two powerhouses of positivity who have created a one-of-a-kind comedy experience where the audience is as big a part of the laughs as the performers onstage. Individually, Jamie and Shawn have entertained audiences as headliners at venues across the country.  Now, they’re teaming up to create a unique interactive comedy show that’s never the same twice. 

About Jamie Campbell 

"...goes to-to-toe

with the best comedians in

the business!" - Natalie Shaw, Dallas Theater Journal 

JamieCampbell - Photo by Michael Stoufer.jpg

"...will leave you

howling with 

appreciation." - Bill Browning, 

LGBTQ Nation

Based out of Kansas City, Jamie Campbell is a veteran of over 30 comedy and Fringe festivals. A recent reviewer called his show “possibly the most positive stand-up act in existence.”  His album, Tell Me You’re Proud of Me, debuted at #1 on Amazon’s comedy charts, and he recently released a full length comedy special, Big Dad Energy.  You may recognize Jamie from his appearances on NBC’s Chicago Fire, Pop TV’s Hollywood Darlings, or from starring in a recent Super Bowl ad alongside Kristin Chenoweth.

About Shawn Shelnutt 

"...amazing...poignant bits..."

- Jamie Lee Rake,

Shepherd Express

Shawn Shelnutt - photo by Aby Perales .jpg




Milwaukee native Shawn Shelnutt, also known as the OGTomatoGuy, has been seen by tens of thousands of people live, and tens of millions online. A master of improvisational comedic interaction, Shawn's mission is to spread positivity and joy through connection and laughter. He may banter and tease, but unless you're a jerk, he wants to make sure you leave happier than before you came. Shawn’s performances are often completely improvised and always unforgettably hilarious.

Hometown Kickoff Shows:

Booking Info:

To bring the Kill 'Em With Kindness Comedy Tour to your venue, email our touring production manager, Jess Allin at

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